Our Syariah team which is led by YM Tengku Dato’ Seri Hasmuddin Bin Tengku Othman has vast experience in handling Syariah matters for more than 26 years. Our forte includes:

  1. Marriage – Registration of Marriage
  2. Divorce/Dissolution of marriage – Divorce by talaq, fasakh, khulu’, takliq, li’an and registration of divorces outside the Court
  3. Registration of Polygamy
  4. Rights of parties after divorce – Mutaah, Nafkah Iddah, Arrears of Maintenance, Matrimonial Property.
  5. Hadhanah/Custody of Child and Maintenance of Child
  6. Inheritance/Succession – Faraidh, Wills.
  7. Enforcement and Execution of Judgment – Hiwalah, Seizure and Sale, Judgment Debtor Summons and etc.
  8. Syariah Criminal Offences.

We also provide legal expertise in relation to asset management’s such as Hibah, Wills, Amanat & Waqf not only to individuals but also to Government Linked Companies, State Government agencies and corporations. We also handle high profile cases such Kartika Seri Dewi and NSTP in the case of Aida Melly. At the moment, we are involved in one of the oldest and largest waqf dispute in Malaysia. Some of the cases handled by us can be found in Jurnal Hukum and CLJ Syariah Law Reports. Apart from litigating matters in Court, we are also actively involved in the activities carried out by the Persatuan Peguam Muslim Malaysia (“PPMM”). Our senior lawyer, Puan Marlina Amir Hamzah is involved with PPMM in conducting extensive research on the Constitution of Malaysia at three major research centres in the United Kingdom namely Parliamentary Archives of Britain, The National Archives of United Kingdom and The British Library.