Principles & Values

Professionalism & Integrity
Whilst we go that extra mile to help clients achieve their objectives, our clients know and value the fact that we don’t simply give them unrealistic assurances. At Hisham, Sobri & Kadir, long lasting relationships with our clients are built because our clients trust us to give them honest, straightforward and objective answers to their issues or controversies. Additionally, clients are also guaranteed that we don’t cut corners when it comes to the quality and professional conduct of the matters entrusted to us.

Clients Are Partners
Whether they are corporations, government bodies or individuals, we don’t second guess our clients needs but work closely and constantly with them. This ensures that we clearly understand their requirements and expectations and respond effectively to their needs. By partnering our clients, we help them arrive faster to their goals, saving time and expense.

Adding Value

We do not practice law in vacuum. We adopt instead a pragmatic and objective approach in assisting our clients. Our lawyers are lateral thinkers who help clients anticipate commercial trends and opportunities as well as assess potential risks, as a way of adding value to our services. So whether it is sealing a commercial deal or resolving a legal controversy, we don’t merely stop with a deal for our client but try our best to secure the best deal for them.

The Best Person For The Job

We have what we call our in-house transaction management policy. How it works is simple. Drawing on the diversity of our lawyers’ expertise and talents, we assign those with the most appropriate experience and expertise to help our clients on a designated transaction. In situations involving multi faceted project, we assemble the optimal team from our best minds to match the different stages or requirements of the project.

Careful Meticulous

We are a full service law firm with the expertise and resources to advise and assist our clients on a wide spectrum of matters ranging from the planning and implementation of a commercial or financial related transaction to resolving or mediating a controversy. Below are the key services offered by our firm’s core practice sectors.

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